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          Rotary Engraving                            Debossing

          The principle is much the same as           Debossing is a technique that leaves
          standard  engraving  but  specialist        an impression of the logo on an item.
          machinery enables the item to be rolled     A heated, metal plate is applied to the
          as is it marked, allowing the branding to   surface of the item and when removed it
          cover the circumference of the item.        leaves behind a recessed imprint.

                   For Metal                                For Paper and PU
          Foil Blocking                               Embroidery

          Similar to debossing (and using the
          same machinery), foil blocking leaves an
          imprint in the item, but the difference is   Stitches one or multi-coloured logos onto
          that it can add colour to the impression.   material products using  a needle and
          The colour is added by putting a colour     strands of thread or yarn.
          foil between the dye and the product.
          The most popular colours to use are silver
          and gold.

              For Paper and Leather                           For Material
          Iron Stamping                               PVC

                                                      PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a type of
                                                      plastic which is easy to mould and can
          A heated metal dye is pressed into the      be produced in many colours. A bespoke
          surface of the item which leaves behind     mould is created incorporating a logo in
          an impression. The impression is then       various shapes and designs and is then
          filled with colour.                         filled with the liquid PVC and left to set
                                                      and harden. Set up costs are low, allowing
                                                      small order runs.

                For Solid Metals                               For Plastic
          Dye Sublimation

          Printing starts with films that contain              Logo Guide
          dyes; these are placed on the material and
          heated up by the print head. This causes
          the pigments to leave the film and enter
          into the material where it cools and re-        FULL    MATCH    BE-    GREEN   ADD A
          solidifies. This creates a gentle gradation     COL.            SPOKE   4LIFE   NAME
          at the edge of each pixel and because           COLOUR  PANTONE©  BESPOKE  FRIENDLY  INDIVIDUAL
                                                                                          ADD AN
                                                                         SHAPES &
          the colour infuses, it is less vulnerable to   PRINTING  MATCHING  DESIGNS  PRODUCT  NAME TO A
          fading and distortion over time.               AVAILABLE  AVAILABLE  AVAILABLE  RANGE  PRODUCT
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                 For Lanyards
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