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Safe medical accessories
                                            The first aid kits and other medical
                                            accessories in the assortment
                                            range comply with the new MDR
                                            (Medical Device Regulation) which
                                            includes stricter guidelines and new
                                            classifications for medical equipment
                                            in 2020.

         100% Safe                                                              Food safe
         The safe way to give is the right way                                  Drinkware, lunchboxes and kitchen
         to give. You don’t want any issues                                     accessories are tested for substances
         influencing your impact when you are                                    such as BPA, formaldehyde and
         trying to make the best impression.                                    heavy metals. Products also don’t
         That is why all products in this                                       leak chemicals when in contact with
         catalogue are 100% safe and certified.                                  food or liquids, for any period of time,
                                                                                and thus are food safe.

                                            Safe toys
                                            The toy range is tested for
                                            mechanical and physical features
                                            (EN 71-1), fire safety (EN 71-2), and
                                            dangerous chemicals (EN 71-3)
                                            to ensure they are safe for young

         Safe cosmetics                                                         Safe electronics
         The CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety                                      All electronic products comply with
         Report) ensures all cosmetic items,                                    the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous
         such as our lip balms, meet health and                                 Substances) directive. They also
         safety guidelines. Product stability, PH-                              meet the guidelines for EMC
         values, conservatives, perfumes, and                                   (Electromagnetic Compatibility), RED
         more are tested.                                                       (Radio Equipment Directive), and LVD
                                                                                (Low Voltage Directive) to prevent
                                                                                signal disruption and risks to health.
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